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American Star Diner: California Burger Deluxe by Rev Evelyn G. Burgers (9/17/06)
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

American Star Diner in North Wales, mind PA
California Burger Deluxe – $ 6.45

I didn’t know what the difference between a normal burger and a California burger was when I ordered it, ambulance because there was no description.  I figured I would allow myself to be surprised, in the spirit of burgers.  Medium mistake!  I’m pretty sure the California Burger Deluxe is the most expensive burger on the menu unless you get one with like every topping, but all the California Burger Deluxe is is a normal burger with one slice of green pepper, plus all the normal burger vegetable toppings (lettuce, tomato, onion).  The normal burger there is obviously of the frozen patty variety, in the shape of a flower, or the shape of something in a cartoon that has been flattened and splattered, or the shape of a thought bubble.  The waiter didn’t ask us how we wanted our burgers done, so they were generically cooked-grey all the way through.  It wasn’t bad though.  It was a burger.  And the roll was pretty good.  The fries there are pretty good even though they are also obviously of the frozen variety.  They’re battered, and crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside.  Ok, but even with the good roll, good fries, and decent size of the burger, why is this meal six and a half dollars, making it like 2 dollars more than the other burgers?!  A slice of green pepper.  If I were a different kind of crazy person, I would have refused to pay that much.

2/6 burgers.

UV Protection / Mika Miko / Erase Errata / The Gossip 9/15/2006 by Evelyn G. Burgers
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

This concert was at the Church, click so it was really hot.  I think every time the Church has a Punk Rock Flea Market they say they are using the money to buy an AC unit, but they never do.

The first band was UV Protection.  They are 4 girls and I think the idea is basically that they are trying to be DEVO but ladies.  They were all wearing safety-orange dresses, and they had dance moves with attitude!  The attitude was something like “I could be a robot…”  It’s hard to describe the music because I don’t feel like it, but they had drums, and keyboards, and probably some electronic stuff.

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Loretta Lynn: American Music Legends by Rev Evelyn G. Burgers (9/17/06)
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

My mom bought this CD when she was driving to North Carolina.  She has to stop at like every Cracker Barrel on the way.  So she says.  I’ve been on roadtrips with her before but I’ve only been to Cracker Barrel once, pilule and that was this summer.

The CD starts out with the quintessential–or if not quintessential, sickness most easily recognizable as Loretta Lynn–Loretta Lynn song, “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”  In it, she pays homage to her roots as (you guessed it) a coal miner’s daughter, and it is everything you would expect and want from the song, with lyrics like “we were poor but we had love/that’s one thing that daddy made sure of,” a few cheesy key changes, and a pretty benign melody.  Although the song is pretty accessible, Loretta still gets her quirky little belt on, especially when she sings “I’m proud of bein’ a coal miner’s daughter”.  My favorite things about the song are that it’s easy to learn and it’s very country-y without being obnoxious (and I don’t care if you don’t believe me about that).

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Griffin– Debunking 9/11 Debunking by Rev Evelyn G Burgers (2/17/09)
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn


In his book, case Debunking 9/11 Debunking, David Ray Griffin hopes once and for all to set the record straight on one of the most sensitive, guarded, emotional topics in American history.  The plane crash into the Twin Towers in New York, and whether or not it was orchestrated by terrorists, or by our government, or by a collaboration by the two, is one of the most talked about, researched, speculated about subjects in the past ten years (besides Lost).  Most people do not trust the Bush Administration, and no one in this country was left untouched by the events of 9/11.

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The Crap On My Desk by Reverend Evelyn G Burgers (9/22/06)
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

1.  Trash:  5 empty Deer Park bottles, patient an empty Jones Berry Lemonade soda can, cialis some broken CD-Rs, nurse wrapping paper.  Well, I feel proud that I have drunk five bottles of water today, but obviously I don’t really need any of this crap on my desk, I’m just lazy.   And the picture of the wrapping paper makes it look cooler than it does in real life.  1/6 burgers.

2.  Dishes:  2 vermont mugs and a small bowl with a fork.  I love both of these Vermont mugs.  I love the cows on the white one, and the colors in the picture and the font “Vermont” is written in.  I love the blue one because it has mooses on it.  In the white mug, though, is a bunch of old tea bags.  I guess 3 of them are from today.  The bowl used to have some rice pilaf with almonds in it.  That was good!  But it’s not there anymore.  Ok, dirty dishes: 2/6 burgers.

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Agave Grill- by Reverend Evelyn G. Burgers (9/24/06)
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

Agave Grill

Shrimp & Avacado Quesadilla – $14
Chicken Enchiladas – $14.50
Fried Ice Cream – probably like $5

Remember how sushi was like the huge food of the turn of the century?  All the cool people were eating it, pharmacy and if you had never tried it or said you didn’t like it you were a hick or a thug.  Now there’s a Japanese place in every town.  Well, recipe those days are over.  It’s not cool to eat sushi anymore, unhealthy unless you’re in 3rd grade.  I know, because in the waiting room at my dance studio, that’s what all the little kids are eating.  Now the fashionable thing is Mexican.  If you say it gives you gas, you are ignored.  If you say it’s too spicy, you are ostracized.  If you say that it’s poor people’s food because it’s only rice and corn and beans and cheese, you’re wrong because now there’s Agave Grill and La Cava in Ambler, and they’re totally for hip people, not poor people.

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Creekside Inn- Hot Roast Beef Au Jus by Reverend Evelyn G. Burgers (9/27/2006)
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

Creekside Inn
Chalfont, purchase PA

I don’t know what the actual price was but it was somewhere between 4 and 5 bucks.

Once again I am writing about something I ate almost a month ago, but I do remember this sandwich pretty clearly because it was really good.  This sandwich was kind of like a french dip – it was served with the beef juices but on a round kaiser roll.  Maybe that still can be classified as a french dip, I’m not sure.  Soon I will be an expert on such matters, but in the meantime, bear with me, because the nomenclature is much less important than what I am about to report to you.  This sandwich was approximately 80 layers of thickly cut fresh roast beef with really tasty sharp melty provolone cheese on the fluffiest cloud of kaiser roll you could ever dream up.  It was unfortunately served with chips instead of fries, because what is better than being full of hot beef and then also cramming into you smoking rods of hot wet potato covered in bloody meat juice?  Come on.

This sandwich gets 5/6 burgers–it was awesome, but I’m still hoping that I will find the ultimate of french dip sandwiches that will blow all others off the charts.

the Ambler Grill- Pancakes, Juice, Coffee by Rev. Evelyn G. Burgers (9/22/06)
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

The Ambler Grill – breakfast
3 “Regular” Pancakes – 3.95
Grapefruit Juice – $2.00
Coffee – $1.15

First off, salve Becky and I decided to go to the Ambler Grill not just because it is conveniently located almost exactly at the midpoint of a straight line (not one in actual physical existence) drawn between her house and mine (she picked me up anyway), but because we have been there before and decided it was quaint and wholesome and genuine and good.  It is the way a breakfast place should be.

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Crap I Ate Today (9/20/06) by Reverend Evelyn G Burgers
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

Crap I Ate Today

1.)  Orange Sensation Smoothie from amazon cafe – $3.81.  Consists of orange juice, sovaldi sale blueberries, capsule strawberries and pineapple sherbet.  It is the only fruit smoothie on the menu that doesn’t have bananas (bananas are the anti-burger).  It was a good smoothie except it was really hard to drink with a straw.  I was drinking it on the train, and I had to keep moving my straw to the less frozen places to continue drinking, and everytime I moved my straw, it would make this squeaky donkey noise.  The train was full when I got on at 30th St. Station, and I’m sure I was not its most popular passenger.  4/6 burgers.  Good smoothie, but there should be more bananaless choices, and I shouldn’t have to be squeaky.

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Kingdom of Vegetarians- Dinner Special by Reverend Evelyn G Burgers (9/18/06)
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

Kingdom of Vegetarians – 11th and Race, search Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA

Dinner Special – $12.

Kingdom of Vegetarians, if you don’t already know, is “our” favorite vegetarian Chinese restaurant in the city.  (I’m not going to qualify that “our”.)  If you can put aside your prejudice of vegetarians for one meal, this place is usually really good.  The menu features mostly normal Chinese-restaurant-menu stuff but with fake meat, of varying substances.  Some of the fake meat they use is deceptively meaty!, but I have had some dishes (some kind of fake duck thing) where it just tasted like cardboard.

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