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UV Protection / Mika Miko / Erase Errata / The Gossip 9/15/2006 by Evelyn G. Burgers
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

This concert was at the Church, click so it was really hot.  I think every time the Church has a Punk Rock Flea Market they say they are using the money to buy an AC unit, but they never do.

The first band was UV Protection.  They are 4 girls and I think the idea is basically that they are trying to be DEVO but ladies.  They were all wearing safety-orange dresses, and they had dance moves with attitude!  The attitude was something like “I could be a robot…”  It’s hard to describe the music because I don’t feel like it, but they had drums, and keyboards, and probably some electronic stuff.

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