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Thai Tea Showdown: DeDe Brand Instant Thai Tea Vs. Teavana Loose Thai Tea by Dr. Mary T. Burgers (12/29/08)
Mar 6th, 2009 by maryburgers


Anybody who knows the Lady Doctor Burgers knows she loves two things: 1. talking in third person, prescription and 2. drinking tea. She often gets tired of the first, cialis but never of the second.

One of her– ok I’m tired of this shit– one of MY favorite varieties of tea is Thai iced tea, medicine specifically the magnificently tasty kind you get in Thai restaurants that are hyper-sweetened and you have to stir the evaporated milk mixture in at the top. You know what I’m talking about, right? I’ve often expressed interest to others about making it at home, have researched the methods, but have never found the means to successfully recreate the experience at home.

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There Will Be DRAAAAINAGE. by Prince T. J. Burgers (8/30/2008)
Mar 6th, 2009 by maryburgers

There Will Be Blood
directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
starring Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Dano

Shortly after watching There Will Be Blood, cialis I saw an interview with the star, recipe Daniel Day-Lewis. Imagine my shock when Day-Lewis genially answered questions rather than crushing the interviewer’s windpipe. While this turn of events has lessened my opinion of the actor, check it hasn’t changed my feelings about his character, Daniel Plainview, who threatens, manipulates, and murders with such magnetic charm that I couldn’t help wishing that I would be next in line to be bitch-slapped and shoved in the mud.

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The Main Downstairs Entrance at Montgomery Mall by Sir T. Francis Burgers (12/23/08)
Mar 6th, 2009 by tfrancis


Ok, see I admit it. I like making memorable entrances. But not in the Hollywood sense of the term – I don’t bust open doors and spit out a one-liner. I just like remembering where I entered. Seriously. I don’t wanna use some department store entrance to a mall. I don’t know why, I just don’t. I need an entrance that feels right, and today I found one, let’s break this down:

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Kingdom of Vegetarians- Dinner Special by Reverend Evelyn G Burgers (9/18/06)
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

Kingdom of Vegetarians – 11th and Race, search Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA

Dinner Special – $12.

Kingdom of Vegetarians, if you don’t already know, is “our” favorite vegetarian Chinese restaurant in the city.  (I’m not going to qualify that “our”.)  If you can put aside your prejudice of vegetarians for one meal, this place is usually really good.  The menu features mostly normal Chinese-restaurant-menu stuff but with fake meat, of varying substances.  Some of the fake meat they use is deceptively meaty!, but I have had some dishes (some kind of fake duck thing) where it just tasted like cardboard.

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