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Sir Isaac: Official Burgers Cat by Sir T. Francis Burgers (12/30/08)
Mar 6th, 2009 by tfrancis


He will not beg you for attention – he doesn’t want it. You can keep it. You will need it. He will not.
Play with your own stomach. 5.5/6 burgers

He does not get caught up in trends, cialis whether it’s:
Fashion – 6.5 years in the same orange coat,
Culinary/lifestyle – Sir Isaac does not eat your scrap. He will not succumb to the freegan trend so many have turned into
their filthy, verminous way of living,
or Social – He does not have a myspace.   5.5/6 burgers.

He does not care about this review: 5.5/6 burgers all the way around.
Meow, punk.

(editor’s note: Sir Isaac is not crap but I couldn’t decide whether he belonged more in fashionburger or cuisineburger so I put him here.)

Creekside Inn- Hot Roast Beef Au Jus by Reverend Evelyn G. Burgers (9/27/2006)
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

Creekside Inn
Chalfont, purchase PA

I don’t know what the actual price was but it was somewhere between 4 and 5 bucks.

Once again I am writing about something I ate almost a month ago, but I do remember this sandwich pretty clearly because it was really good.  This sandwich was kind of like a french dip – it was served with the beef juices but on a round kaiser roll.  Maybe that still can be classified as a french dip, I’m not sure.  Soon I will be an expert on such matters, but in the meantime, bear with me, because the nomenclature is much less important than what I am about to report to you.  This sandwich was approximately 80 layers of thickly cut fresh roast beef with really tasty sharp melty provolone cheese on the fluffiest cloud of kaiser roll you could ever dream up.  It was unfortunately served with chips instead of fries, because what is better than being full of hot beef and then also cramming into you smoking rods of hot wet potato covered in bloody meat juice?  Come on.

This sandwich gets 5/6 burgers–it was awesome, but I’m still hoping that I will find the ultimate of french dip sandwiches that will blow all others off the charts.

the Ambler Grill- Pancakes, Juice, Coffee by Rev. Evelyn G. Burgers (9/22/06)
Mar 6th, 2009 by evelyn

The Ambler Grill – breakfast
3 “Regular” Pancakes – 3.95
Grapefruit Juice – $2.00
Coffee – $1.15

First off, salve Becky and I decided to go to the Ambler Grill not just because it is conveniently located almost exactly at the midpoint of a straight line (not one in actual physical existence) drawn between her house and mine (she picked me up anyway), but because we have been there before and decided it was quaint and wholesome and genuine and good.  It is the way a breakfast place should be.

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