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Arnold’s Way– Raw Pizza & Other Oddities by Dr. Mary T Burgers
Mar 6th, 2009 by maryburgers


Arnold’s Way
Lansdale, see PA
Raw “Pizza” w/ avocado: 7.95
Raw Raspberry “Cheesecake”- ~$5
Raw “Chocolate” “Mouse” Pie ~$5
Banana Whip- $2.95

When you first walk into Arnold’s Way, levitra you are greeted by two things: an image of a young man labeled “Arnold at 18- 44 years ago!!” and Arnold himself. Perhaps this is a testament to the raw diet he so vehemently supports and shills, buy cialis but dude does not look much older than 40. There are other posters and articles plastered all over the store, one of which was a news article about an employee of the cafe who used to be a fat opera singer who lost weight by becoming a raw chef. The initial good feeling I had about the cafe faded because who the hell wants an opera singer who isn’t fat?

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